Friday, December 16, 2011

Music Ideas

Here are some ideas about things. I hope you like the concept of ideas. Liking these ideas is secondary, but would be nice, I guess.

Some names for a band: Tepid Terry and the Troublemakers, Berkley and the Berks, Wolf Kabob Rolf Lenitz Experience, Mr. Band, Torpor, Mr. Band Jr, Tepid Terry and the Terrors, Duodenum (good name for a duo), Acockalips Now (good name for a slut-rock group), Smiling Stiffs, Tepid Terry and The Wolf Kabob Rolf Lenitz Experience Band Jr., Diprotodon, Mantonio and the Manly Men of the Manthing Peninsula, Tepid Terry and the Tossers.

Some word sequences that evoke imagination sounds: psychedelic bongripping warrior moustache riffs, hypnotic wizard ceremony distortion music, Magma Residents Skin Chamber child is father to the man, wolves chew formaldehyde brain, don't look back mind walker, smokey pikes spikes and sebum, lead to shadows, of katharnakarathkar jewel of the kuiper belt, dyson spheres at the edge of time, soup newspapers cans barcodes, scrap metal junkyard hillbilly jam chicken teeths.

Some notes that can be used in music (not all of them, though, only some): A, B, C, D, G#, Bb, B aware, note of apology, C#, Red Letter, A again, Post-it Note (don't sue me), don't forget Bb, E, E, E, E, don't use that note in that scale or I'll give you an F# I am a music teacher therefore however I do things is the right way, suicide note, F#, Ab tire, $5 note, notice pinned to your door, brown note, and A.


bloodler said...

Im gonna have to go with acockalips now. what hilarious slutty little name their. reminiscent of some cheesy porn title.

as far as the sounds that evoke imaginative thoughts ive thought of many things. but some bands immediately come to mind when i hear these things:

psychedelic bongripping warrior moustache getting a black sabbath/sleep feeling
hypnotic wizard ceremony distortion ....inquisition
Magma Residents Skin Chamber child is father to the man...suffocation/brainoil for some reason
wolves chew formaldehyde brain...carcass
don't look back mind walker...decrepit birth
smokey pikes spikes and sebum....darkthrone
lead to shadows...judas iscariot
of katharnakarathkar jewel of the kuiper belt... crystal age
dyson spheres at the edge of time...arkaik
soup newspapers cans barcodes...dystopia
scrap metal junkyard hillbilly jam chicken teeths...primus

Ill take the brown note...haha
great post man

Reginald said...

Man, those sound-phrases are spot on! Experiment successful!