Thursday, February 17, 2011

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it?

Here are some possible contenders:

Duck Based Economies: A Retrospect
Winning the Waiting Game
Contraception On Two Legs
Wasteland Survival with Artie Fish
Man after Man: Anthropology of the Future (They already did this one, actually.)
Advanced Bastardry
Koran III: Desert Search For Techno Allah
One Man's Junk
The Citadel of Procrastination
Bad Dude: The Legit Scoop
Glorious Leader Uncle Reggie's Little Octarine Book
Funkenstein: A Tale of Two Funkensteins: Part XII: A Night at the Cactus Motel (Revised Edition)
Illusory Narcissism for Dummies
Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse
Fantastic Adventures in Bonerland
The Psychedelic Warlord (Disappears in Smoke)
Chef of Ill Repute
Bad Dude, or Baddest Dude?
20 Recepies Involving Vegetarian Bacon, Eggs, and Barbecue Sauce
White Boys Can't Funk
Psychedelic Hour Long Guitar Solos: The Book
Vinyl Smells Nice
The Man Who Gave Very Few Fucks (Less than 3/8 of a Fuck)
History of the Mouse Organ
Technobarbarians of WWIV
1d6 Per Caster Level
The White Zone is for Loading and Unloading Only
Self Unemployment: The Definitive Guide

1 comment:

bloodler said...

excellent list of the classics! although i can only admit to reading ''One Man's Junk'' in its entirety, i did enjoy ''The Man Who Gave Very Few Fucks (Less than 3/8 of a Fuck)'' for a short time. however the book that got me in trouble with the wife was, ''Glorious Leader Uncle Reggie's Little Octarine Book'' dirty, dirty business there...